Tandoori Cuisine is an ancient method of cooking. Using a clay oven called a Tandoor, we cook our meals to absolute perfection.

*Tandoori Chicken


Juicy spring bone-in chicken marinated with yogurt with flavorful, fresh ground spices. Served with sliced onions and lemons.

*Tandoori Chicken Tikka


Succulent pieces of boneless chicken rubbed with Indian herbs and spices and marinated with yogurt. Served with sliced onions and lemons.

Seekh Kabob


Minced lamb blended with onion, garlic, ginger, and spices wrapped around skewers and baked as above. Served in sizzler on onion bed.

Chicken Ginger Kabob


Boneless chicken breast cubes marinated in ginger mint sauce on onion bed in sizzler.

Lamb Boti


Tender pieces of lamb marinated in yogurt with our special blend of Indian spices Kabab.

Tandoori Fish


Fresh fish cooked in our special Tandoori marinade.

Tandoori Prawns


Jumbo prawns marinated in a special blend of spices and herbs then roasted in the Tandoor. Served with sliced onions and lemons.

*Tandoori Mix Grill


An assortment of Tandoori specialties: chicken, lamb, beef, fish, and prawns. Served with sliced onions and lemons.

*Lamb Chops

Full $23.99 / Half $16.99

Marinated lamb chops Indian style on onion bed sizzler.

None of our dishes are spicy, we can build spicy according to your taste.
*House Favorite